The Features of a Direct Drive Rotary Machine

Direct Drive Rotary Tables is a type of rotary table commonly used for the continuous rotation that is many times more accurate and fast than traditional rack and pinion or other face gear rotary tables used in manufacturing. A strong and high-torque motor, which is the core of the Direct Drive Rotor Table to give it speed, stiffness and rapid response to the precise control achieved by a high-end high resolution encoder to deliver the real flexibility with which to build various precision engineered parts.

Direct Drive Rotary Table

The most important component of these tables is the rotation motor which drives the shaft of the table. The rotational speed of this motor is increased when the shaft is spun by an electromagnetic drive system. This is done through the use of a gear driven motor.

High torque rotors are used in these tables to ensure that all their features are perfect and give their user the ultimate in accuracy. This also includes the very strong shafts. These shafts need to be able to resist the high forces applied to it at the points of rotation, thereby allowing it to withstand the high level of torque required for these types of tables. This is made possible through the use of a very strong alloy that is often extremely heavy and difficult to work with.

A high level of flexibility is also provided by the Direct Drive rotors, with the result that the shaft can be twisted to the left or right without causing any unwanted noise to any nearby equipment. These table models are particularly suitable when working with extremely smooth surfaces such as metal which require maximum smoothness.

The rotors and shafts of these tables are highly flexible and can be designed to suit almost any application, thus enabling the users to get the precise results that they need. There is no limit to what these tables can be used for.

All forms of manufacturing are greatly enhanced by the use of the Direct Drives as they are able to reduce the wear and tear on machines, thus allowing them to do the work faster. Additionally, they improve productivity due to their ability to operate efficiently and quickly. These tables are ideal for use in virtually any industry, as they allow the production of parts at incredible speeds, thereby allowing the process to be completed within a reduced amount of time.

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