Gross Motor Skill – How to Teach Kids Gross Motor Skills

Gross motor abilities involve the muscular actions of the upper body, arms and legs. Kids depend on gross motor abilities for daily activities in school, at home or in the neighborhood. They use gross motor abilities to get into shape, help with homework and do simple household chores. If you teach kids these basic gross motor activities in school and at home, they will develop a strong foundation of gross motor abilities as they get older and start learning how to read, write and spell.


Kids learn gross motor skill in a variety of ways. One way is through repetitive play. Many parents have witnessed their children play alone in the backyard with a toy truck, a wooden bike or some other similar object, and then being able to do many basic functions with it, such as turning the steering wheel, raising or lowering the throttle, turning the handlebars, climbing on the toy truck and so on. These skills are learned from observation. Parents who have noticed that their kids seem to be able to do these things with a simple object should try to encourage their kids to continue with this type of repetition in order to see if this will teach them the basic motor skills.

Another way to teach gross motor skill to your kids is by using motor games at home. There are so many games in the market today that your kids can find one to play with that they are bound to find one they enjoy. Parents can encourage their kids to play these games with them, just like they would be encouraged to play them with their parents. Children usually respond to parental encouragement very well.

Another way to encourage your kids to play with gross motor skill is by showing them how to use their toys. Make sure that you keep the toys in a place where your kids can view how to operate the toys. This will also show your kids how much fun they can have using the toys. The more you encourage your kids to play with these types of toys, the more likely they are to learn gross motor skill.

Other ways that parents can teach their kids to develop gross motor skill is by having them try to solve a problem using gross motor skill. This might be something that is not too complex. For example, your kid could learn to open a door using their nose instead of using a screwdriver. This is a gross motor skill that is basic to most people and can be taught very easily by observing and helping your kids practice this skill. after you teach it to them. Another way that parents can teach gross motor skill is to show kids that they need to move their hands to reach a certain part of a toy.

Other ways to teach gross motor skill is through toys, games and exercises. As your kids get older, you can begin to take them on more complex and challenging activities that require their gross motor skills, such as building blocks or playing games that simulate running or playing a game of soccer. Learning gross motor skills through this type of play will help your kids develop gross motor skill over time, so that they will be able to move the toys, perform tasks and do simple physical actions.

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