What Is A Turning Spindle?

Turning Spindle Turning, also called turning on its center, is a popular woodturning technique referring to the process of turning a piece of wood at its center axis through the use of a turning wheel mounted on the spindle. Turning on its central axis is the only direction to turn a piece with a turning wheel and a spindle.

Turning Spindle

Turning spindles are commonly found in woodturner’s tools. They consist of a long shaft, a spindle or bar, which is used to turn the wood, with two arms that are attached to the base of the spindle (the arm with the two ends is known as the turning end) and a turn crank or gear that drives the turning end of the spindle. The arm (turning end) of the spindle is fixed to the other two arms. The entire set up of the turning spindle includes a spindle and turning end that are mounted on the lathe.

Most wooden spindles are made in three sections: the top portion, the lower portion (which has no turning end), and the bottom part, which have a turning end. The length of the spindle depends on how the wood is to be turned. The turn crank, which drives the turning end of the spindle, is normally mounted below the spindle.

Turning spindles have an open or closed face; a face is the side with the turn crank in contact with the spindle. In a closed face, the turn crank is placed inside the spindle. If the turning face faces outward, the spindle will not rotate. In the open face, the turning face faces toward the spindle. When a turning spindle faces toward the spindle, it rotates when the turn crank is turned.

Some wooden spindles are designed in an inverted-U configuration, which allows the wood to turn on its opposite end. This is done in order to increase the speed of the wood turning process. If a turning spindle is set in the vertical position, it rotates clockwise.

Turning spindles have been widely used for centuries in woodturning. Although they can be used for many different kinds of woodturning, spindles are still made of a single piece of hardwood. The wood used in these spindles has to be hard enough that it does not split and be of a good density to resist rot.

Turning spindles have been designed and produced with different functions. Most are used for turning thin hardwoods. In order to turn thicker woods or heavier woods, the wood is wrapped before being turned.

Turning spindles can be used for wood turning, but they are not suitable for all purposes. The spinning mechanism can cause problems in wood turning for beginners, especially those who lack knowledge in the art of turning.

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