Opinion Today: Why This Economy Needs Donald Trump


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Donald Trump in Everett, Wash., on Tuesday.
Donald Trump in Everett, Wash., on Tuesday. Ruth Fremson/The New York Times
Op-Ed Contributor
Why This Economy Needs Donald Trump
We’re facing dismal growth and an economy that leaves millions of Americans out of work and out of luck. It’s time for a shock to the system.


From the Editorial Board

Donald Trump’s Deportation Nation

A trip to Mexico and a speech in Phoenix don’t add substance to Donald Trump’s bluster about thwarting evil foreigners.


Brazil’s Ousted President

The new president faces the tough task of restoring Brazilians’ faith in their scandal-plagued political class.


An Overdue Victory for Gay Parents and Their Children

New York’s highest court overturned a 1991 ruling denying parental rights to many gays and lesbians, as well as others in nontraditional families.

Colin Kaepernick
Colin Kaepernick Ben Margot/Associated Press
What Colin Kaepernick’s Protest Looks Like to a Black 49ers Fan
A quarterback makes a statement on racial justice, playing for a city that is getting richer and whiter every day.
From The Columnists
Op-Ed Columnist
Donald Trump speaking in Arizona on Wednesday.

The Duplicity of Donald Trump

He is not only a bully, but also something of a coward, who lacks the force of his convictions — or who lacks basic convictions at all.

Op-Ed Columnist

Pariahs for Donald Trump

ISIS jihadists, North Korea and the K.K.K. agree on a candidate.

Contributing Op-Ed Writer
Donald Trump approaching the stage at a campaign event in Manchester, N.H.

Can Trump Win on Native Soil?

His campaign sees a path to victory that runs through Mexico, but a look at New Hampshire tells us more about his chances on Election Day.

Contributing Op-Ed Writer
Kenneth Starr testifying at the House Judiciary Committee’s impeachment hearing in 1998.

The President, the Prosecutor, and the Wheel of Fortune

Bill Clinton appears on his way back to the White House (as first husband), while Kenneth Starr, the prosecutor who once pursued him, is out of a job.

Brian Stauffer
Op-Ed Contributor
Georgetown University, Learning From Its Sins
As a historian and a priest, I’m convinced our school must reckon with its historical relationship with slavery.
Room for Debate

Americans and Their Flag

Are U.S. citizens too obsessed with national symbols? Should we care if someone decides to not stand for the national anthem?

Contributing Op-Ed Writer
Jochen Bittner

Does Germany Understand Its Own Strength?

A year ago, the country opened its door to refugees. It still doesn’t know what to do next.


Letters to the Editor

Campaign News, From Many Angles

Readers discuss debate preparations (or lack of), the Clinton Foundation and reporters on candidates’ planes.

In Case You Missed It: Sunday Review
Donald J. Trump’s rhetoric echoes that of Mark Antony, among others.

Trump and the Dark History of Straight Talk

The philosophical roots of the Republican candidate’s rhetoric.

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